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Thread: Lumber grading a guide to American Hardwood

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    Lumber grading a guide to American Hardwood

    Well some of you may have already come across this resource but i had not so i thought i would share the link to a pdf document that is very very well done in illustrating through color pictures and explanation the whole story of lumber grading.

    It sure would help to be able to know what you paying for and to ensure you getting what you paying for.

    There is too much in the guide for me to explain take a look for yourself i am sure you will either bookmark the site or if you like me a digital hoarder then download the pdf and store it with the rest of your digital hoarding.

    BTW take a look at the other publications the export council has available for reading. Some are available in other languages so dont be discourage by the English links i have chosen.

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    Nice! Thanks, Rob.

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    That's a nice document for comparison.

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    Good info, thanks Rob.
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