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Thread: Before & After 8" x 24" lathe restoration

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    Smile Before & After 8" x 24" lathe restoration

    Just a little entry level lathe that will be back on the market soon. I bought it cheap, and will sell it cheap. I am debating if I want to drop a few bucks for a new Dunlap decal or not. It would really make it look nice.

    Torn apart, stripped in the spooge tank, and repainted in my trademark engine paint (Chevy Blue if I remember right)


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    Gee that looks Familiar, Lee. I bought my Dad one of those (Craftsman)for Xmas in 1955, and I even bought the Bed Extension. Same color and everything. I think I used it more than he did though, mostly turning lamps from Mesquite I cut from our farm. It wasn't a bad little lathe, and even the Craftsman chisles weren't all that bad.

    You've got it looking real nice, so have fun with it.

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    Looks great Lee!

    Is that the original motor in the background of the second pic as well?

    Way cool!

    The sticker would really finish it off.

    Yep, nice little lathe, good for a lot of guys, especially spindle work, you can make a lot of table legs with that one!

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    Tool box included?
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    The lathe looks great.

    I would have painted it gold again.

    Since you didn't' don't bother with the decal.

    I always liked the Chevy red. Even though I have both Chevys & Fords I always though the Chevy blue was to close to the Ford blue. I even went as far on a motor rebuild as painting a Chevy blue motor Chevy red when I finished rebuilding it. You should have seen the smiles of the people that knew that the motor was originally blue when I popped the hood.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Great looking resto Lee

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    Thanks guys.. It came out nice enough, but it's a low end lathe and it may or may not even sell easily, but you never know. The motor is an old washing machine motor that I finished off the center with a strip of aluminuim flashing. Came out nice to be honest, a bit thin, but better than when the center was exposed.

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