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Thread: Couple of shelving projects

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    Couple of shelving projects

    Once in a while in-between my fine woodworking projects I get a work order from my wife and family for something a little more basic. Our “game closet” has been in dire need of some extra shelves as we have many games and only one shelf. Another issue has been my son needed a place to display his logo models.
    I worked on both projects simultaneously.

    Game closet before the shelving

    These are the floating shelvs I made for my sons lego models.

    anybody recognize the toy box in this last pic? Look how brown the purpleheart panels have turned.

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    Those do the job nicely
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    Good looking shelves. The edge profile on the Lego shelves is a nice touch.


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    Good job, Dewayne! They look great. That's almost as much blue painters tape as I need to put up a shelf

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    Nice work Dewayne! Now on to filling the rest of that shelving up.

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