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Thread: just a bit of snow

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    just a bit of snow

    Shelly and I have been in waiting it out. Jarrod took the 4x4 van to work with a snow removal contractor so I'm stuck. Kind ofliking it. Shelly made a 9 bean soup I've been going out now and then to blow off the driveway and walk , the 2nd hand blower works great. We got just about 30"s. Thats a 3 split rail fence.
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    Must be the snow, Dave. Margie made a big pot of bean soup too. It's gonna be a noisy night.

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    That's a lotta snow!
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    Oh man, that's a bunch. I fear we'll see a good snow before the winter is over, but hopefully nothing like that. Kinda hoping we don't get that much total.

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    [QUOTE=Dave Hawksford;446528]Shelly and I have been in waiting it out. Jarrod took the 4x4 van to work with a snow removal contractor so I'm stuck. Kind ofliking it.
    Shelly made a 9 bean soup
    Name the 9 beans, please!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    We are on the other side of that same storm. It's gone now and we got maybe 6-9 inches. Just enough to need to clean it. I is certainly pretty. Nice break from all that summertime green.

    Last night I made breaded baked Cauliflower, with marinara dipping sauce. I thought it was pretty good, Diane said is was OK, but don't do it again.

    Temp in the teens, morning coffee. I will wait till about noon to clean up the mess.

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    Dave here I thought we were the great white North. I see you guys took the title this year.
    Take it easy cleaning up that lot. Don't want to lose any of u to snow clearing.

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    don't know the exact totals right now, but as of midnight last night, kennedy airport had 30.5 inches of snow. we live right on the east side of the airport.
    Im guessing we ended up just shy of 3 feet of snow now that's its over.
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    We have a bit of snow here in Niagara, too. About 1cm. I thought about going out with the broom to clear the driveway, but decided it was too much work.

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    Take it easy there guys.

    Normally, we would be in the heart of that storm about now, as the weather patterns usually move up the coast and across the Gulf of Maine, but happy to report not a snowflake here and a bit of blue sky showing. Newfoundland might get a brush though.

    Be safe.

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