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Thread: Update on Lathe Rebuild Project

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    Update on Lathe Rebuild Project

    All is completed and up and running. Had to do a small adjustment on the headstock pulley, but that was it. So, seeing I rewired it last month with new switch and #12 wiring and now new headstock spindle and bearings, I think it is pretty much rebuilt. Even sounds good and tight. So, figgering I put a new tailstock spindle in a while back, I really don't know of much else that can happen. But, I ain't gonna say that too loud. Roughed out a couple of pecan wood boxes for a shakedown and all went well. Back to work!!!

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    To celebrate, went down the highway a piece to a burger shop that serves all their burgers on sour dough buns. Hand cut fries. Good stuff. Had a big chicken fried steak sandwich and onion rings. Feel good food. Sometime tomorrow got to go get my tamale fix. Hadn't had any since Monday. Bad for my brain to go too long without.

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