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Thread: We Lost a Great Man

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    We Lost a Great Man

    I posted this on Facebook earlier, but figured I'd share it with my friends here...

    At 12:12 this morning, the world lost a great man. He left an impressive mark on the world and leaves behind a remarkable legacy. He died peacefully of natural causes, surrounded by love. We mourn his passing but rejoice that he did it on his own terms. Be at peace now, Dad.
    I could fill pages describing my dad and the richness of his life, but suffice to say he was highly respected and admired by his peers and all who learned from him. He had no enemies. He left the lives of those he touched richer for having known him. One of his biggest fears was that he's spend months or years dying in a nursing home. All of us, including him, were glad to see those fears were not realized. My sister and I were both able to be with him, holding his hands, when he passed. His final decline was pretty rapid, and he left this life comfortable in his faith in what was next.
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    Sounds like a great man. So sorry for you, but it seems like it all happened in a dignified and well thought out manner.

    Peace be with you Vaughn.
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    Sorry to hear this. From the stories I've heard you tell, he really enjoyed being with family and making them happy. Sounds like he's left a great legacy behind. Thoughts are with all of you.

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    How great to have a great Dad. You are a blessed man, my friend. As you well know. Prayers for peace for you and your sister. So glad you were able to be there and to have closure together. I suspect your Dad would have fit in here very well, if he would have been able to put up with us!

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    my deepest sympathy Vaughn, we are only given one Dad and i know it's tough when he has moved on.
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    condolences to you and yours from us vaughn.
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    Such sad news. I always enjoyed hearing your stories about your dad.
    So sorry for your loss Vaughn.
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    My thoughts are with you Vaughn. It is wonderful that you had such a relationship with your dad. He sounds like a great guy.
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    Vaughn, in one sense I am so sorry for your loss, in another sense, glory to your dad he is at peace. I always enjoy hearing about your dad and hope that continues when you have reached the time to feel to share more. He sounds like a heck of a man/dad. The earth could use more of this type of men. Even though we have not met face to face, I am confident he raised you to be that type of man. Remember all the good times and laughs.

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    Sorry to hear about your Dad, Vaughn. But he is at peace with his Maker and that should be celebrated as well as his life should be. May all thoughts and prayers be with you.

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