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Thread: CNC SIG Meeting

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    CNC SIG Meeting

    Our local woodworkers guild has several "Special Interest Groups", SIG for short. One of them is the CNC group. The guild had a Legacy CNC Explorer donated to them by the folks at Legacy. The guild also has licensed copy of Aspire that members can use for design while working at the guild's space.

    So I went to the meeting last night. Really helpful folks, had a few newbies that had lots of questions. I got the impression that most of them are pretty new to cnc, most doing 2d, pocket, profiling operations. Had one member that brought some various clock gear tests and was looking for advice on some ply chip-out he was getting. I suggested he add a relief cut around the gears as his bit looked to be binding and another member suggested he do a shellac seal coat prior to cutting as it was chipping the top veneers out. Just an example of the helpfulness there.

    They meet monthly, so I think I'll take some of my stacked text pieces to show along with instructions, may even do a vcarve desktop demo to do next time.

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    Sounds cool.

    I have never been in any sort of association like that. Thought abouit it a couple of times.

    Nice thing about Vectric, is that you could do the V-Carve demo right in Aspire. All the V-carve functions work the exact same in Aspire.

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