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Thread: laser bond glue ?

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    laser bond glue ?

    Anyone here have experience with the laser bond glue that is being advertised on television?
    Supposedly it will not set up until exposed with a special laser light. This could be great in setting two pieces exactly without having the glue bond before you are ready for it. Is is good for wood or too brittle, etc. ?
    What kind of glue is it? I'm guessing a type of CA.
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    I did see a commercial for glue that cures with u/v light. The commercial pointed out that dentists use it. I think my dentist used it for some dental work I needed. It looks really strong on tv.


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    Never used it, but as best as I can figure its one of a large number of UV cured plastics. The reviews are all over the board but I read one that basically boiled down to "you don't get a lot fo the price and other products in the same class work just as well or better depending on what you're trying to glue".

    Other products in the same space (which ?may? or ?may not? contain the same resin.. how would you know?) are:
    RapidFix UV Liquid Plastic (which appears to come in several classes)
    5 Second Fix

    There are likely others... apparently some home stores have various products of this class in the glue aisle now.

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    No personal experience, but I once saw a pair of guys installing glass cabinets in a high-end kitchen (not glass doors -- glass cabinets) and they were using a UV-activated glue to connect the pieces together.
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