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Thread: 3d printed turkey call

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    3d printed turkey call

    I took a turned pot call blank in and gave it to a couple of my kids to see if they could copy it with some modeling software. They had never seen or used modeling software before. This is the second print. The first was 1/8 too wide and the top wouldn't rest on the ledge. They readjusted and this one worked great! I told them I'd put in a top and soundboard.

    I told my classes they could print anything they wanted (almost) as long as they come up with an idea and it has to be useful in their daily life. I've got another student trying to figure out how to design chess pieces now.

    The printer was set to medium quality and it took right at 2 hours to print. On fine setting it was showing a little over 4 hours. A little sanding would probably smooth it right out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's great john! I wonder how many more years before this is just a common way to make things. In certain communities, it's pretty common already.
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    Looks good John does your 3 D printer have a heated bed. I assume from the look that you are using polymers.
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    That must be a great class, John. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. How does it sound?

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