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Thread: What's the odds? How does one get over losing friends

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    What's the odds? How does one get over losing friends

    Well in case u don't know 4 Feb is Cancer Awareness day.

    And Linda and I lost a friend to cancer today.
    She was our bridesmaid and only 55 and last year survived breast cancer only to have the wretched disease grab her in December again but she could not hold out and passed today in SA.
    A soul that never harmed a hair on a fly.

    Hard to swallow losing friends. That makes 4 too many close ones for me.

    I had a feeling it was coming when we heard she was getting to go on a clinical trial. Read guinea pig when u hear that. sadly they had not yet even got the approval for it to start.

    RIP Gail.

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    Our condolences on your loss, Rob. We know what you mean about the hurt from the loss of someone dear. May Gail live on in everyone's memories!
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    Sorry to hear about your friend Rob, she sounded like a wonderful person.

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    I don't know Rob. I've had several friends/acquaintances depart over the last couple of years.

    I think it's something we never think about happening when we are younger, but as we get a little longer in the tooth, well, it starts to happen, we notice and it hits us harder.

    I try to make sure I think about them every now and then and let them know that they may be gone, but not forgotten, and that they left a mark on this world.

    That's all I've got. So sorry about your loss...
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    My sincere condolences, Rob.
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    Sad news, Rob. Our condolences on your loss. It's a horrible disease.

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    Does one get over it? My experience is we grieve and then move on. (always remembering)
    Then I stopped counting when I have lost 20 friends (and a few acquaintances), to brain cancer.

    It seems more important to learn from it, to me, then to get over it.

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    Thanks guys, yeah I tend to do the same.
    With the big C I think the lucky ones go fast. Ted u so right its a horrible disease but there are a few others too.
    I really miss the ones I lost that were a soulmate to me.
    We decided to go out last night and have a celebratory dinner in her name. This was a life time friend to Linda. It was Dec 2014 when they met up in NY for a few days after she had beaten the B cancer. This past December just prior to her annual trip to visit her sister in Seattle, she heard from docs about the re emergence of the disease. She made the trip regardless and I begged Linda to meet up but with the house move she did not want to go.
    There is a lesson in that in my opinion.
    Don't put off the human side for physical things that will be there when you gone.

    My Dad said to me when he was approaching 94/5 (he died 96) the worst thing about getting old is surviving your friends and finding u all alone when they gone. He being a vet of WW2 era experienced this each year when he would attend remembrance day parade.
    But I still would sooner deal with loss than have no human contact just so you don't have the pain.
    Got to live each day as if it was your last and not put off the important things to oneself.
    OK I am off to by my new Lamborghini lol.

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    Sad news.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    Everyone who has ever lived has either died, or will die, it is part of being a sentient being, that we have to deal with it. I can remember the first time someone I knew died, someone that I would miss, it was my paternal grandfather, he was the patriarch in every sense of the word, and he died suddenly, so it was quite the shock to us kids, he seemed indestructible. Then as I aged I watched a few more grand parents depart us, a few aunts and even a cousin or two. Then we lost our baby sister, boy talk about a time to question faith. I remember a friend's dad who was an RCMP officer said to me that we are just lucky to have each other for a short time, and that your friends and family are more important to anything you will ever own. Rob you were lucky enough to exist on this fine earth when Gail did too, even more lucky to have met her and counted her as a friend, yes she left too early, but at least you got to know her, and spend time with her, remember the good days, after all when we are dust all that will live on is our memory in someone else's heart.

    Goodspeed Gail
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