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Thread: My first attempt at "art" - a Table

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    My first attempt at "art" - a Table

    For those who haven't been watching the build thread, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the final piece...

    I built this table to try and explore my artistic side a little. I'm happy with the workmanship ... the execution is pretty faithful to what i had in my mind. It isn't my personal taste, but it did come out as I envisioned.

    This table's going to be in a gallery showing that my local Furniture making guild is putting on (our first!) and will be for sale. I'm still trying to decide what price to put on it, though... still not sure.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's a beautiful piece and it appears to be excellent workmanship. It is a piece of art that you should be very proud of.
    I'm not sure where it would fit in style wise in a particular decor. It's not my style. I's a bit too fancy to be rustic. Maybe more contemporary?
    No idea on pricing though.
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    That is very much gallery worthy, price it high!

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    Great piece. I didn't have time to follow along on the videos, but it sure came out nice. Great piece of wood in the top. I agree with Darren. Don't lowball the price. Then seek the market that can support that price.
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    That is wondeful. I bet it gets a lot of double-takes.

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