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Thread: Twin dressers project progress

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    Twin dressers project progress

    Dresser project progress

    This is model of 2 dresser’s I am building that I drew in sketchup. I am a bit of a beginner in sketchup and the model is not 100% accurate in relation to my final plan drawings.

    My first step in the project was to veneer 3/8” MDF panels for the side frame and panel assemblies. Curley maple veneer and ¾” cherry. Side frames are tongue and groove joinery done at the router table. The assembly is made a little over size in length so the ends can be trimmed to final size after glue up.

    The next step was to build the dust frames which are ¾” maple ply frame and panel with a ¼” panel, Dust frames are joined to the side panels with dadoes.

    Next step is to build the face and back frames. The back frames are a frame and panel assembly as well. I use the cutoffs from the curved styles to aid in clamping.

    The face frame joinery is pocket screws and glue. My plan calls for inset drawer fronts. I am dialing in the fit of the drawer fronts before I attach the face frame. I use 1/8” shims to gauge the gaps between the pieces. I carefully sneak up on the final dimensions of the drawer fronts with the joijnter to get the fit just perfect.

    That’s it for now. More progress when I make some.

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    Did you pattern route the curves as well?

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    This is gonna be great. Thanks for taking us along. As to the use of SketchUp. Even my highly detailed drawings get varied from during the build. I consider them a guide and a complex joinery "what-if" or assembly sequence engine mostly. Side note . . . love the Pro Plan router table dust bucket ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post

    Did you pattern route the curves as well?
    Yes, any time I have curved components I create a MDF template for pattern routing.

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