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Thread: It's The Weekend!

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    It's The Weekend!

    Looking forward to a nice, quiet mid winter weekend here, after a busy week of travel and meetings.
    I'm making some progress in the shop and planning some minor upgrades and repairs there and in the house. Also, getting some paperwork caught up and off my mind. Then, some good food and movies.

    What's on your program?

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    It's a 3 day weekend for me and I'll be starting the downstairs bathroom remodel since the grandson won't be home. The plan is the pull all the drywall and replace it with new and may put in a dropped ceiling to be able to access mechanical stuff easier. Also need to replace the main waterlines for the house while I've got it open. Never know how things will go until the walls are open though. Other than that I may get some time to get the LED lighting on the pinball machine. My wife and I already did a V-day dinner this week and stuff with the grandson and daughter last night, but I may come up with a surprise for her.

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    Woodturner's meeting tomorrow afternoon with my dad, then out with some friends while the girl hangs with her cousins. Sunday will be shop time after more snow shoveling, 3-5" on the way Saturday night...looking forward to the higher temps predicted for next weekend.
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    My machine is up to the height I want - so the legs are as done as they are gonna be for a long time.

    I am working on a modification to a humidor for a soon to be retired coworker.

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    Home from my Arizona trip. Have really bad laryngitis and I have to preach this Sunday so am laying low and nursing the throat. Laundry will have to wait. Free shipping at Lee Valley so I have to get my order in for the t-slot tracks for the CNC table.

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    well lets see no..... no football........ no race...... honey do list is caught up...... hmmmm guess I'll just have to goof off. Maybe do some shop re arranging Since I don't do any wood working in there I need to re purpose some of the space. Make room for my new top secret project. I will do my food bank volunteering this afternoon and as usual church on Sunday morn.
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    I've been down with a cold for the past few days, then on top of that I threw out my back this morning while coughing. Should make tonight's gig interesting, but as they say, the show must go on. We'll be celebrating Lincoln's birthday a bit early.

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    Saturday will be a combination of working at a friend's dry cleaning shop and rehearsal with my other band.

    Sunday I'm hoping to just veg out and do as little as possible. It's been pretty hectic and stressful around here for the past month or so.
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    Supposed to snow tonight. Their is a bike show tomorrow near Baltimore and a hunting fishing show in Harrisburg Pa. What to do , What to do......
    I really would like to get the finial coat of Epoxy on the spray booth floor maybe finish a book on the Rev.War
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    It's supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend with snow coming in on Monday and Tuesday... If I can get the shop up to at least 50 degrees, need to work on my art project for the art guild's spring art show... working on building a couple of kaleidoscopes and maybe a teleidoscope.
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    So much to do.

    Spray weeds
    Pull weeds
    Put down pre-emergent in places
    Move Camper
    Take down old above ground pool
    Get ready to run electrical to pool location
    Start Spring Seeds
    Clean up garden
    Clean out Chicken Coop
    Organize Shop
    Keep moving weeds up on the hill to get ready for the spring burn.
    Move firewood

    Always a lot to do. Actually looking forward to it. Lots of moving around.
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