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Thread: Every now and then you find a worthwhile gadget

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    Every now and then you find a worthwhile gadget

    So for Bday this year I got Linda a new tablet. Son was with me while shopping and scratching his head as to what to get her. So i said buy a blue tooth speaker so she can play her music.

    Well him being a student and all , the normal range of these speakers was not in his budget so we looked around and he found one and we took a chance.

    WOW i cannot understand why these have not been all the rage. Its not the first blue tooth speaker i have tried and listened to mostly done this at demo places in airport stores or other places where they allow you to connect and try it out. Most have failed to impress me. Most are ridiculous in my view for the price performance (heck its only a tiny amp, battery and small speaker no rocket science) .

    So when he powered this up for his mother and she played a tune off her tablet i was blown away and had to try it with my phone.

    I am so impressed with this gadget i thought it really worth sharing for those of you that like me are NOT prepared to throw stupid money at a speaker.

    in the US i see Walmart has them for just on $30 so you guys get the better deal.

    Its got its own pause and volume control button and hooking it up to a phone is really a no brainer you just put it on and let your bluetooth scan and hit connect when it finds it. Battery last a long time and if you really like you can go corded direct to USB port on a computer.

    Its also got a carabiner hook built in the back that folds down and can be used as a handle or hook up to a belt or backpack.

    But what really makes this puppy so great is the range and quality of its sound. Very nice warm sound not tiny sound like most i have come across.

    I plan on buying another for myself to have to use in the shop or my office.

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    Wow, sound did sound pretty dynamic from the video and another I watched. At work I use a set of the LG HBS-730 headphones (, which are the ones you wear around your neck and it has ear buds. Typically I can't wear ear buds for more than an hour, but because there aren't cords hanging pulling on the buds I can pretty much wear those all day long at work without any discomfort.

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    I spend a lot of time listening to bluetooth headphones and I love them.

    Also have a pyle splash box for listening around the pool in the summer. its a bit bigger than that and gets respectably loud for a little box.
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    Sounds pretty good for such a small package. I just looked it up on the US Best Buy site and it's $59.99. I didn't realize there was that much disparity between US and Canadian prices these days.
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    Thanks for the tip, Rob.
    That would be great for tunes off my phone in the shop, which is just beyond the house wifi range.

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