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Thread: In the Shop - Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder

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    In the Shop - Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder

    Time for something a little different. My wife wanted a couple pepper grinders and salt shakers. This was my first time making these projects but it was really straightforward. I don't turn much these days, but I think they came out looking pretty good, if i do say so myself. Thanks for watching!

    Jason Beam
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    Those turned out nice, thanks for taking us through the process. I've wanted to do one before, but wasn't sure what all was involved.

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    Thanks for sharing. They came out beautiful. Almost made me go buy a lathe and give it a go

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    Like Darren, I haven't turned any of those before. Now you're making me think about it. I'll have to ponder that in between all the turning that I have to get done as it is. Way behind on getting stock items done.

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    Those are really nice... Walnut??

    I make a lot of pepper mills and salt grinders, but I don't like the ones with the knobs on top all that much... they make me be too precise in my measurements... I prefer the crush grind and if I get the dimensions off a little, I can just adjust the shaft...
    I do make the little 4" crank operated grinders from PSI and Packardwoods... pretty much have them down to size about 97% of the time...
    I bought a few of the variable length shafted mills from PSI... they're crush grind mechanisms, but have the through shaft and knob on top... only done one so far and it turned out okay... but I did have to adjust the shaft length slightly... the kits come with a 6, 9 and 12 inch shaft... I made the 9 inch and was only about 1/4" too short on my turning.
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