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Thread: CNC stuff for sale - 2 machines - 1 pendant

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    CNC stuff for sale - 2 machines - 1 pendant

    CNC stuff for sale - 2 machines - 1 pendant
    I have decided to sell my 24x24x4 Larken Camtool CNC Router. This machine sold for over $10,000 new in about 2000. It was not used until I got in in 2007. I have upgraded this machine a few times. This is the machine I made the New Bedford Tattoo sign on. It is a great machine. It comes with computer, control cabinet, machine, mobile cabinet without contents, Mach3, some ER16 collets, I will throw in a few cutters. It has a Shuttle Pro hand control pendant The spindle is not a hand held router, but rather a CNC router spindle made by Perske, 2 hp. I recently upgraded the "Z" and "Y" stepper to more powerful steppers, I will throw in the "X" axis stepper, but you install it. I have done cutting up to 200 IPM.

    Reason I am selling it = 1) I upgraded to a new bigger machine, I need the room.
    $2500 is a fair and reasonable price. I don't really want to be dickering on price.

    ************************************************** *****************************

    I will also sell my Maxnc 10. This one is about 12x4x3. The machine sold new in 2006 for $2500. Again it was never used except for a couple of test runs by me. It was originally bought with nothing but the machine, so computer and accessories were added cost. It does have an upgraded Dayton spindle motor, encoders, NEMA23 steppers, computer, Maxnc control software and a variety of accessories. This is still in a virtually brand new condition. To date it has never been used.

    Reason I am selling it = I don't use it, I need the money and space. I have compiled a small project I made to demonstrate the machine. This is by far the most this machine has been used since it was bought new in 2006.

    My sale price is less than 50% of the new price. I think this is a fair and reasonable price as it is a new 2006 machine, never really used except this Chippy fishing club sign and one other plaque with no more than a name in a piece of pine.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    This is a XHC wireless Hand control Pendant. There is enough functionality to this that you can run your machine from it. It cost me $129 with my new machine. There is nothing at all wrong with it. Previous to getting my new machine I purchased a Vista iMach PS2 pendant. I paid a lot more for the iMach pendant and I like it better than the XHC pendant.

    I think $75 is a more than reasonable price.

    Reason for selling - I have the iMach and I will not use the XHC.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    If there is any interest - or if you know someone that is interested - you can email me

    I can supply a lot more information.

    I can arrange delivery within a reasonable distance. We can meet halfway. I can crate and ship.

    There will be a reasonable crating charge, delivery charge, shipping charge.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    I have already taken the initiative to look around on EBAY, Craigslist and YouTube to see what other people are selling.

    I believe I could sell these for more than my price.

    HOWEVER, if you feel compelled to need to make an offer to me, I will at least listen to you, but you should have a reason for your offer and not that you want to get a better price. I will consider a reasonable argument.

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