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Thread: My door warped

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    My door warped

    I finally had a little time to get back to my cabinet. Well, one of the doors has moved on me. The right one in the picture. If I push down on the lower right corner the upper left will come up around an 1/8 inch. Any ideas how to fix it, or should I just punt and remake the door?

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    Are they going to be inset or overlay doors? If overlay you might be able to fix the problem with the hinges. I think your problem might be the panel itself. Did you leave enough expansion in the rails and stiles? Plus how tight fitting are they in the grooves?

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    John, when you first posted a picture of those panels I thought what a beautiful cabinet they would make. My methodology for this kind of thing is to set a project aside until I overcome my disappointment, and then try again. Takes a long time, but I recommend it

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