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Thread: Got my turning assignment for the summer.

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    Got my turning assignment for the summer.

    My daughter announced a week ago that she is getting married to her boyfriend/partner, and today told us that she is getting married on October 1. I talked to her this afternoon, and she told me that she would like me to make her some candle stands for 3" candles - 60 of them, for decorations at her reception. She wants them to be turned with beads, and to have random heights between 5 and 8 inches. This could take a while. I'm also wondering if I show up at Port Huron with 60 turned candle holders, am I going to have to prove that I am not bringing them into the US to sell?

    This could be another fine mess she's got me into...

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    A fine mess indeed. On the plus side you'll be a master at turning beads once you're done.

    At the border just do what I do, act all flustered and confused and let the boss answer all the questions. The last thing the border people want is to get into the middle of a domestic. I do kind of wish it was just an act though...

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    Now thats a project and a half. Of course you could look to get your friends on family woodworking to help you out. Spread 60 out among the field here and they done in no time at all and most would already be across the border. Call it a swop with a difference. Sure would make for a mix of candle sticks from all corners of the continent. I bet Leo could knock them off in a couple of hours with his multi axis machine.

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    Roger, if you find yourself back in Indiana for a weekend, feel free to get in touch and if we can coordinate the dates, you are welcome here and both of us can turn at the same time. Think we could knock a few of them out and they would be on the right/correct side (;) of the border then!!!!!!!!

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