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Thread: Friday!

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    Working on the CNC some today and tomorrow.

    Also, my maker-space guy told me about a Makers Faire coming up in June that will be coupled with an annual display of antique agriculture equipment. That got us talking about my John Deere project which also got put on hold last year. So considering trying to get that done to display there. Dunno know yet, though.

    Some werky-werk on Sunday morning. And a laser class on Sunday afternoon. That will be cool!

    It is good to be back in the saddle! I don't make a very good disabled person.

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    Heading about 1.5hrs south mid afternoon to a indoor waterpark "resort" with the girl, the wife and her sister's family for the weekend. Not really much of a resort, but will be nice to chill out and let the kids have some fun. Should be nice so I hope to enjoy some of the hiking trails as well.
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    It looks like it will be in the mid 60's here all weekend. We're having dinner with my nephew and his wife tonight. Tomorrow I'm planning to get the rest of my tile removed from the bathroom project, then head to get all the supplies for new water lines, drywall, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. I'm hoping to get the main water lines all swapped for the pex. I'm going to give the sharkbite connectors a try for mating to the copper, so hopefully they will work well and save me some time. Lastly, I'm hoping for a little shop time Sunday to finish up the charging console maybe some outside time too.

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    Friday started out weird, no traffic the 1st mile 2nd flat tire and 3rd I get to my doctors appointment and I'm going from floor to flooe looking for his office. I felt like I was in some Twilight Zone movie.. there's no office. Finilly called the office they recently move.
    Work tomorrow morning and off to visit grand daughter.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Its a shop weekend with some interruptions here and there for domestic chores.
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    We're enjoying pulled pork sandwiches for lunch today - fresh from my new smoker! This afternoon I'll get some shop time to do test cuts for a CNC project.

    Saturday will be some shop cleanup and cutting some parts for a marble run toy type thingie.

    Sunday should be our normal routine of brunch and chillin' out for NASCAR. Then, I'll grill ribeyes for dinner to treat Bobbie for her birthday!
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    Finely some good weather so will be working on more Blueberry rows hope to have them all done soon only 5 more rows to finish up
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    Started off by doing a little fishing this morning. I could really see doing this kind of thing more often!

    Got some spring cleaning to do around the ranch, and will probably brew up a batch of beer on Sunday.
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    Stayin' home this weekend, but Last weekend was really great!

    Mida and I travelled to Lancaster, PA, and met up with Larry & Randi Merlau, and Allen & Elen Levine. We had a great time in the Amish country. Us guys toured a furniture 'factory' and a train museum while the ladies hit every quilt shop within a thirty mile radius. Ate in a different Amish restaurant each night. Good times, good food, and most of all, good people! We all had a great time.
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    Getting over a week of illness (first it was the remnants of an upper respiratory infection, followed by three days of a bad stomach virus). Just when I thought things were going better, this morning I got hit with a back spasm the likes of which I've not seen since 2001 when I broke my back. I literally had to crawl from the bathroom to the living room (couldn't stand, let alone walk), where I laid on the floor for a couple of hours waiting for the Vicodin to take effect. Now that the drugs have kicked in, I'm upright and mobile again, and still planning to play a 2-hour show this evening. (Probably be wearing my hard plastic body brace.) This should be a good show. My friend James Wood will be running the sound system at the club. He recently finished a long tour with Alice Cooper as the head FOH (front of house) soundman. He's worked with a lot of other big names, like Ozzy Osborne and the Eagles.

    The rest of the weekend is contingent on how tonight goes, but if all goes as planned, Saturday will be a day of errands and such, and Sunday will be spent at the range with my practical shooting club.
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