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Thread: Shop Makeover – Progress: New Cabinets!

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    Thanks Darren, I appreciate your response.

    I just want to say that having the shelf right above my bench is proving to be the greatest boon of this new arrangement. I have always fought having tools in the way on my bench. I am now able to keep it clear and yet potentially have the tool I need right there within reach. I now believe if I did not have the bench up against the wall within reach of a shelf, I would put in a tool tray.

    As for bench against the wall, in my shop I am liking the arrangement. I have worked mostly out in the open but this new arrangement is working out well for me. I like knowing tools are not going to get knocked off the back as I move things around. I can still pull the bench away if I need access to the back for some reason. I realize that in a shop like Stu's, because it is so small, having access around the entire bench may be more important.
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    Well, I have made some progress. Work always seems to get in the way, but I managed to reach another milestone. The garage is about 6 feet below the main floor of the house and the kitchen intruded about 2 feet over one section. The builders left alcoves along this wall between the kitchen and garage which allowed me to store "stuff" out of the main footprint of the shop. But it was always very messy, so I got the idea of building drawers and cabinets which would fit into these alcoves.

    The result of all of this is below. The design was a little challenging because the three alcoves were all different widths. I proportioned the three doors the same width which I think makes it pleasing to the eye and determined the width of the larger drawers. The face frames were fun as they were placed after the the cabs were set into their spaces. It called for a lot of scribing and hand work with planes to get a tight fit with the drywall. As you can probably tell, the alcoves were not square, but what is now days?

    I was able to use up all of my plywood I had around and only had to buy a sheet of 5/8 ply for the drawer fronts and doors. It was an excellent A/C ply whose C side had no knots. I keep asking the clerk at Windsor Plywood, "are you sure this is A/C?" I sanded the C side and made it the paint side, but truly the C side looked almost as good as the A side.

    The drawers fronts and doors have a 30 degree chamfered lip around the edge so as to not require any pulls. I also used single demountable hinges on the doors.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I almost forgot, I used 150# slides which I bought from Hardware Hut.
    “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - John Ruskin
    “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” - Oscar Wilde

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    Wow Bill, that is really nice. It's hard to have too much storage in the shop, and organized storage is the best!
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    Nice use of the space. I like the color scheme as well, kind of a neat old fashioned feel to it.
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    Very nicely done. The proportions work for me. A nice neat use of space that otherwise would have been awkward to use well. I think the elephant just got a little smaller.
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    That looks like a great use of space Bill, close to the bench too.

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    Very interesting how the kitchen came out into the garage. Those drawers are a great solution to an awkward space. Really looks nice.
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    I really like the chamfered lip around the drawer front idea. As others have said, this is a great solution!

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