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Thread: My new Arkansas slip stones have arrived

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    My new Arkansas slip stones have arrived

    Click image for larger version. 

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    These look really cool. Good value from Tools for Working wood. Cost $68 for both sets 4 slips in each one set hard and one set soft.
    What I really like is the length. They 4 inches which I think is going to provide plenty of space to grip while holding them plenty level in the inside of a gouge so no putting additional bevel on the inside.
    They seem to have nice shapes suited to getting into the narrow tools both V and U.
    Now I want to get some honing oil
    Then I will give them a go and get back with an opinion on how they functioned for me.

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    They do look cool! I will be waiting to hear what you think. That reminds me, I need to build a storage box for all my slips. Another addition to the growing list.
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    Those do look nice. Hmm... ...

    I've had pretty good luck with 3 in 1 oil or even just kerosene for honing oil. I'm not sure the specialized stuff is really much different.

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    You will like those Arkansas stones. I'm a bit biased, of course. But, really, they are excellent. Do I see a black in the box on the right? If so, you will use that one a lot. Once everything is sharp-sharp the black will keep them that way. Top of the line are translucent. I have never even seen one. But I would have to sell my Rolls Royce to pay for one anyhow.
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    I have two hard arkansas traslucent stones that my dad bought, actually he bought one for himself and the other for me, now I have both and they are great for the final mirror honing of any edge. I use them for my gouges, my planes and even my kitchen knives, and they are almost like the first day, those don't wear away easily, and they more than 30 years now.
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