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Thread: Found 4 planes

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    Found 4 planes

    Looking thru things stored in the backyard shed found these in a box. They belonged to my wifes 1st husband who past away years ago. He was a not a plane user, but he did some woodworking in the garage. A Stanley/Bailey #5 made in England; a Stanley/Bailey#4 made in the USA; a Millers Falls #17 USA block plane; and a Stanley 110 made in the USA.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The #5 jack was lightly rusted and cleaned up very easily with steel wool and rubbing compound. Shined up really nice. Sharpend and adjusted and tried on popular

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am wondering how old this plane is? No. 5 and G12-005 appears on the casting, as well and made in england and stanley / Bailey. The handles are plastic. There's a lot of knowledge here.

    This is the first Stanly plane I've tried and its fantastic, much better than the Record planes that I have used since the '90s. The smoother is really rusty I thinking of trying electrolysis on it. The 2 block planes should clean up ok. I not a Neanderthal, but use power and hand tools, this seems like the place to post this.


  2. #2 will help you date and type the plane.

    I think the yellow paint indicates 50's - 60's but I could be wrong.

    Very nice find. If you're interested in selling the #5 PM me.
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    Hi Robert.
    Thanks for the tip about the hyper kitten site. It indicates the plane was made between 1948 and 1960. Some folks would say that's old, but they are newer than I am!

    Sorry these planes are not for sale. I posted the pictures because I thought it a great find, and i was excited to find them. Unknown to me these planes had been rusting away for years in the storage shed. The post is not an attempt at stelth advertising, just a case of over exuberant posting


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    This gentleman, at Lumberjocks, suggests that the planes with the yellow background to the logo were type 21, made after 1968. I have one of these, a #4, but I won't be able to find it until I finish cleaning up my shed. It appears to be fairly new, as I recall. My 50s and 60s planes all have the reddish backed logo. Some, but not all of these planes were painted a dark red. I have a block plane in that colour. Oh, the adjusting knob behind the frog was nickel plated in some of these planes, too.

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    I have to say that #5 looks almost brand new. Perhaps a little cleanup but still that is a shiny fresh looking plane! The #110 is almost as good a shape to.

    I've used planes in worse shape than the #4 as that sat, so it should be a pretty solid user with only a little work as well.

    Nice little haul for just having to go to the shed

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    I was looking directly at the plane and did not notice the yellow logo. It's a good thing this is not a court of law, and I am not a witness.

    It will be awhile before the other planes receive any attention.


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