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Thread: You naughty bored ewe...

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    You naughty bored ewe...

    Okay, I must apologize for the rather cheesy usage of the puns in my title, but recently I was in the process of making a gun cabinet for a guy at work, and I was showing my gravel contractor it. Immediately he picked up on something. He pointed to a knot that was in the basswood cabinet and said "should you have used this board?"

    The thing is I typically allow knots in my projects. I never gave it a thought. The question is, do others on here do that as well..allow knots in their projects from time to time?
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    It would depend on the size of the knot. If it is going to need alot of work to make it stable, then no. Most of my projects have small knots as the add to the peice.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Knots, defects and such I try to hide behind, inside, etc.
    I very seldom use much over a pin knot on customers cabinets that actually show.

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    knot to worry

    Got to keep the customer happy. Some like character in the wood and some don't. What I don't care for is when knots crack a year or 2 down the road. SOme even develope into splits in a board which is a bummer. I have been saving up some walnut for a gun cabinet for a customer who used to own the tree. It's got bird shot and bullets that showed up in the boards when I had the tree sawed. Should make an awesome gun cabinet. Just lett'n it air dry for a little more.

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    About 15 years ago, While helping trim a 14,000 sq.ft. home the owner asked several of us to build a knot free walnut, 8 sided floor under and around his pool table. The boards were variable lengths, 3/8" thick with a slight chamfer on the edges and ends of all the boards which milled down were about 2 1/2" wide. Naturally we had to cull all the imperfectons and put them in a pile. Those pieces have made some of the most beautiful table pieces, lamp pieces, and box parts,( along with the granite chunks that were too small to use ). Such character should not go to waste. Pick and choose your spot!
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    Evenin' Travis. As a Spinner of wood, I try to allow knots to remain in my projects. They help make the piece "ARTSY"..................Equals -----------MORE MONEY!

    He He He!!!!!!

    "Give me your gnarly, beaten down, ugly duckling wood and I shall be a happy turner!"


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