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Thread: Thinking ahead to the kitchen

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    Thinking ahead to the kitchen

    Working on a revival + addition to our 120 y/o Cottage.
    Front of original Cottage

    Rear with new 900 sq ft addition

    So.... finishing up the back porch on the new addition and time to think about the kitchen. Kitchen is in the new addition which is the typical 2 x 4 framed 16" OC. No ceiling,floors or wall coverings yet. Ceiling will be cypress T&G. Floors will be 3/4" heart of pine.

    What is the order of operations excluding plumbing and electrical? Ceilings, cabinets, then floors?

    What should go on the walls behind the cabinets? The only part of the walls that will show will be above the top row of cabinets. Back splash will be tile. The walls, without cabinets, are T&G pine that will be white washed.

    Many thanks!

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    Like the verandahs.
    My vote would be ceilings, cabinets then the finished flooring. If there will not be a subfloor, then the floor would be first.

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    You're going all in

    I reckon you'll get as many different calls on the floor vs cabinets first as you do responders. I'm about half on the floor first category. The way I see it is if you do floor last you'll want to shim the cabinets to height to avoid loosing kickplate height so that's a pain in the neck. Then if you go cabinets first you have to cut the floor around the cabinets and that's a pain in the neck as well. On the flip side if you later need to replace the floor cabinets first will be easier So I guess pick your poison.

    For the wall, I think I'd look at what would be easy to tile over. Something like hardibacker board might be where I'd head although it might be overkill, perhaps greenboard would suffice (I kind of like overkill though). I'd try to make sure whatever it was was at the same level as the T&G though (so you may need to shim one side or the other out a bit) and consider how you're going to trim around the sides so if you'll want to lap the T&G under the cabinets a bit there or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post
    You're going all in
    Yes! After building my own windows, my fear level is low.... perhaps dangerously

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Beasley View Post
    Yes! After building my own windows, my fear level is low.... perhaps dangerously
    I think we're all looking forward to the large shop build you'll be doing any day now

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    Late to the party, I prefer the floors first, have had to remodel way to many houses that the cabinet configs changed and had good floors, but voids where the cabinets once were. not having to shim to keep toe kick heights is a plus.

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