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Thread: Walnut Beer Bottles

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    Walnut Beer Bottles

    I am going to turn three "beer bottles" in walnut and pecan. They will have a bottle opener mounted in the top.
    I also plan to have labels made for each bottle with a family photo and some script. I can have the labels made from paper or vinyl, or something else if someone has a better idea.
    Which of these do you folks think would work best? I am hoping to finish the bottles with shellac or lacquer, and will spray the entire bottle, including the label. Ideas??
    Also, I've never turned Pecan, is it similar to walnut as far as work-ability??

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    I've got no answers for you, but I can't wait to see how this turns out.

    I've just got started with one of those cameo silhoette cutter machines and I've actually put some vinyl on glasses for grins. It's amazed me how durable the vinyl is. I've run it through the dishwasher several times with no damage or peeling.
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    Roger did some here so he might have some ideas.

    Will be interested to see how the Pecan ones turn out.

    Its almost twice as hard as walnut and a bit more ornery:
    so keep your tools sharp and your wits sharper!

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    Pecan is definitely a hard wood. I turn tons of it, literally. But, I find it to be worth the effort to use it. My customers love pecan. So, like Ryan said. Keep them tools sharp and the brain totally engaged and you will enjoy turning it.

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