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Thread: PlayGround of Hope Video

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    PlayGround of Hope Video

    The NPO that I work with to build playground for challenged communities have a video that a band put up, it really shows what this group is about, and I'm proud to see many of the changes that I worked on being used in their construction of the playsets, from the infamous Red Jigs
    to the tool totes that they now use all the time to carry drills, bits and parts, so they don't get in the mud or just lost, to the system for organizing all the parts for the different sections of the build, and the laminated build papers that we made so that small groups of people call independently build components of the playsets. Also the charging boxes, these are boxes with all the tool battery chargers in them with a power bar and an extension cord, just open the box, play out the extension cord and plug a whole bunch of battery chargers in, the box is great also because you can set the lid on loosely if it rains. Many many other things I see in that video where they followed my suggestions for the foundations, dig a hole 12" deep, 12" square, fill with crushed gravel and then tamp it (the first few playsets they build the just set the pole ends on the ground, yes they have been fixed).

    I'm so very proud of these guys, they do such amazing work helping out communities that are still challenged by the quake that devastated them in 2011, 5 years ago today.

    Please enjoy the video.

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    Nice. You should be proud
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    Proud is the word. It is good for the soul to be able to help others. Love it.

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