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Thread: Friday, Friday.......

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    Friday, Friday.......

    Ya baby , Jacob will be here with Sara for a week, Maryland Bow Hunters Society banquet Saturday. Sunday dinner with all the boys and their wives and Jacobs fiance and in between playing making turkey calls. So looking forward to a great weekend rain or shine.
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    Our son's home from Alberta for a few days, sadly, for the funeral of a friend killed in a car accident last week. But the upside is we're also getting an unexpected 3-4 day visit. We'll work on a couple of stalled little projects, do some visiting and lay on some great meals, including lobster, of course !

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    Rain scheduled here. That will be nice. Today I go to the new day job for the first time. Its 'get acquainted with my secretary'

    Tomorrow, the CNC all day. Sunday church and maybe back at the shop. Getting some young people interested in helping with the Big John project, now that the robotics competition is over. They are doing CAD work for fabricating parts for the FEL and BH that are unique to Big John. And a few bells and whistles they think would be neat. They also will help with the fabrication and welding of parts. I a, so blessed to have found that place. Thanks, Darren, for suggesting MakersPlaces. The young people also will be helping with the CNC project once I get the electronics for it. But things need to slow down for two weeks, until I get through Easter. Tend to be a bit busy this time of year.

    And...I get to arrange a date with Jim B. Stay tuned.

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    That's awesome Carol, they are lucky to have a mentor and friend like you. Someday when things let up, I''ll have to check into our local one, it's only about 4 miles from my work, so would be easy to drop in on.

    I've got a drain line to move and I'll be ready to throw up some drywall in the bathroom and probably the laundry room also this weekend. I may try to move the washer hookups over to the new location, but kinda afraid what I'll find opening another wall. Our son and daugter-in-law will be visiting in a week so need to get the bathroom functional by then at least. I may have another family member visiting a week after that, so need to do some shop cleaning too.

    I also have a gun-smithing project and an idea for a wifi garage door opener/sensor project I'd like to work on between mud coats.

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    Carol that is great your getting some help with the projects from enthusiastic young people...Can't wait to see what you all come up with together.

    Tomorrow we are celebrating my MIL's 75 birthday with lunch at her favorite place in town and then taking a leisurely drive around the southern part of the state stopping at roadside taverns so she and her daughters and son-in-laws can wet there whistle and eat some fried food. Then back to one of our houses for some smoked pulled pork sandwiches and ice cream! I'm the designated driver so it should be interesting.

    Sunday will be yard cleanup that I didn't get to last weekend....unless it rains...pray for rain!!
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    Getting to the end of the retirement gifts. BUT, I got another request. I don't make any money on these things, I gotta stop this.

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    It's in the 80s here and feels great!!!

    Got some outdoor items to tend to today and Saturday. Also shop time in between working on a couple of fun projects.

    Should have a lazy day Sunday - brunch, NASCAR, etc.
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    Played a show at a favorite local tavern Friday night with my primary band. We had a great crowd and a lot of fun with them.

    Some of Saturday will be spent moving stuff out of my dad's townhouse in preparation for renting it to my nephew and his wife. The rest of the time I'll be handling some springtime yard prep and household maintenance stuff around our house. Saturday evening is the final rehearsal with my #2 band. We have a show next weekend, and after that gig the band is going separate ways. The other members decided to call it quits, and I'm all for it. I've not enjoyed this band much. They have a lot of growing up to do. My #1 band has me spoiled, so when I play with guys who don't play (or rehearse) with the same level of professionalism, I really notice it. They're all nice guys, but I got past playing in garage bands 30-35 years ago.

    Sunday I'll be trying to get all the things done that didn't happen Saturday. Not holding my breath that I'll get much accomplished.
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    We've had some wind here that knocked a bunch of limbs out of the trees, so spent yesterday pick up dead branches and cutting back the cannas... should have done that in the fall when they were still green... might have cut better.

    Today shopping, picking up new glasses for LOML and lunch out.

    Tomorrow maybe working in the shop, getting ready for a couple of art shows coming up and making stock for the season at the farmer's market.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Cleaning out my shed, and starting to finish some long-neglected projects.

    The other member of Mensa, but not the NRA

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