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Thread: Reclaimed beach wood table

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    Reclaimed beach wood table

    I thought i would share this discovery. Until i found this video by accident, i had never heard of this guy.

    He produces wooden sculptures in various shapes and forms from Myrtle Wood recovered off the beach.

    Here is a video of a piece he made from a chunk of this wood usually a root-ball of sorts.

    Here is a link to his site where his gallery of pieces are available for sale.

    The piece made in the video is called swallow tail and its available for purchase on his site for $32 000.

    Puts quiet a great amount of effort into making a piece that finish is all achieved by hand chisel work.


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    Thanks for sharing Rob! He's got quite a few vids on his channel I will be checking out.
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    Very interesting Rob.....I always liked those type of tables...Having one of those would be something special.

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    Really cool.

    I love being inspired to make something of high value like that.

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