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    Table legs

    In the past when building a small end table I would take two pieces of 1x2 wood, glue them together and get my 1.5 x 1.5 table legs. Now I have a 2 inch thick slab of Padauk and I can cut the legs right out of the solid wood. What is the preferred way of making table legs ?

    Thanks for your replies, DKT

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    Why is the process different if you have a solid piece of wood rather than a glue up? Mortises and tapers are the same.

    You might look at the leg... one side may be boring face grain with cathedrals, while the adjacent side is finer grain and more attractive. One trick is to cut a veneer off the attractive side and glue it to the less attractive side. Possibly two veneers on the face grain sides, or at least on the face grain that faces out.
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    With a large plain sawn plank you are normally able to orientate your leg, by placing near the straight grain and rotating it so that each face has straight grain. It is a very common practice and I have done it this way many times. When I go to buy my lumber, I am specifically looking for a plank that I can do this with. I am not sure if what I am describing is being properly conveyed.

    I found a picture on the web that shows what I mean. I use a bandsaw to cut this out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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