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Thread: Q about Kunz scrapers

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    Q about Kunz scrapers

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    Never used a Kunz but heard that the planes were just about one small step above junk. Could be made work but the general consensuses was why bother?

    Scraper would seem to be very simple so that might not apply to their scrapers. But there are a lot of old Stanley #80's and #12 on Ebay. I would tend to lean toward one of those. But thats just me.

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    I had one of those for a while... The blade is slightly narrower than the Stanley 112.

    Biggest problem was the 'looseness' in the adjustment mechanism. I drilled mine out and replaced the pivot pins with larger, press-fit ones, and also replaced the 'tilt' screws with 5/16" threaded rod and brass wingnuts.

    After that, it worked pretty well, but I still sold it and replaced it with the Lee Valley scraper plane, which works much better.
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    Ditto what Jim said. I have a friend who has one and his works well, but he spent some time tuning it.

    BTW, if you are having trouble making the scraper work, getting a scraper holder probably won't help, at least IMHO. Learning to sharpen it and learning how to hold it to get the burr to engage are the main tricks, and I think you have a lot more "feel" for the tool held in your hand. YMMV

    Of course, you can hold a scraper in a holder for a long time without burning your fingers.
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