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Thread: One My Friend Did

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    One My Friend Did

    This is a vase a friend of mine made. He entered it in a local wood show and won the "People Choice" award. I got acquainted with him through our wives that met at a quilting class. They got to talking, and found out that he had made a Busker organ, this was back when I was building mine. He is quite a wood worker, and does most his work on a Shop Smith. When he retired a couple years ago his first upgrade was to buy a Powermatic lathe. Prior to that he just had a little Jet. I got to help him unpack and set up the lathe. Anyway, last year he got into segmenting turning. This was his first entry in a show. He entered the vase. He also made a bowl to go with it.
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    Wow that's crisp, the way those points fit in there is fantastic. Love the design as well, but the execution is top notch.

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    Those are absolutely beautiful! I can only dream!!!
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    Those are utterly amazing! Those oughta win everything! Beautiful work, for sure.

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    Very nice work. A lot of segmented turners concentrate primarily on the segmenting, and forget to pay proper attention to the form of the piece. Your friend Ron seems to have a good eye for form to go along with his segmenting skills.
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    Sure are a lot of talented woodworkers up there in SE Washington
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    Attractive bowls Paul. I have a particular soft spot for the theme and wood types on those bowls. I think I like segmented turning a lot.

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    He has a natural talent for segmented turning. I like his choice of wood for the sails. It gives an illusion of ripples in the sails.
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    Those are really attractive

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    Nice! Someone else said it; I can only dream.......
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