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Thread: Now who can play guitar like this guy...

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    Now who can play guitar like this guy...

    My song of the day

    Man i feel deprived not having seen this guy live. Thanks you tube.

    @ Vaughn , Jason, Brent and any other family members than can play guitar , any of you have this song in your repertoire ?

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    WAY above my pay grade!
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    Not in the current repertoire with my band (we don't have keyboards), but I've played it before. Santana is one of the greats indeed.

    The keyboardist in that video is Greg Rollie, who also played with Journey. I saw him last year in concert with the Ringo Starr All Star Band. The drummer on that tour was Gregg Bissonette, a good friend of a one of my best friends. (Her brother played with Gregg in several bands. I was at the concert with her and her husband, one of my old bandmates.) The Ringo Starr concert was outdoors at a local casino, and it was delayed due to rain. They told the audience to go inside the casino to wait for the rain to pass. While we were waiting, we got a text message from Gregg letting us know that they were getting ready to play. I thought it was pretty cool getting a text from the band minutes before the general announcement was made in the casino that the show was about to start.
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    I put an 8 track player in my 1968 Road Runner and when this song came on I would crank up the volume and roll down the windows.
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    Always loved Santana for sure. SRV, David Gilmour, Billy Gibbons, and Mark Knopfler weren't bad either! ;-) Many moons ago a friend of mine wanted to go a local club and hear Jose Feliciano play....I wasn't crazy about the idea, but went, and was really impressed with what a good guitar player he is....all we ever hear is Feliz Navidad!
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    Santana Abraxas was I think the very first music I ever bought. Back in ????? - I think 1970 or 71. I bought it on cassette. I SERIOUSLY wore that one out.

    MAN - O MAN - that entire band is just INTO IT - feel it.

    YES YES - I DO have that and other Santana in my digital collection

    BTW - Tony Emmanuel is another great

    Charo - (coochi coochi) - is a very good Spanish guitarist

    YES - my hat is off to those that play any instruments.

    MAGICAL - music

    And THANK YOU - for the morning music


    Two times - good coffee - then out to the shop for me

    Again - than you - for the morning sounds

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    Here is a guitar made from a piece of dimensional redwood lumber 2 x 10 that had some figure in it.

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    Is it just me or do i hear some sections of this song in that playing Alan.

    You folks remember Budgie????

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