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Thread: Doing the Things that You Already Know You Should Do.

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    Doing the Things that You Already Know You Should Do.

    I have used a combination blade more aggressively than normal during a recent project. I am generally a specific blade for a specific purpose kind of guy but, the piece is for me and I wanted to stress-test this blade geometry a little. The result is that it has started to burn when ripping some walnut. I had a woodworking guest point out that a good cleaning will sometimes make a blade cut like new again.

    Of course I know this. I preach it on hear often but, in my mind I was thinking it was probably time for a run to the sharpeners for this blade. You can see where this is going . . . I hit the blade with a little L.A. Awesome yellow (my preferred cutter cleaner for many years) and in a couple of minutes the blade was sparkling clean and ripped right through some walnut without the burn issue.

    I know, a rather boring thread but, a good reminder to do those things we all know we should do:

    - Keep your cutters clean and sharp
    - Don't drag your hand plane iron back across the surface
    - Use feather boards for cleaner cuts
    - Use holders for small parts and keep those pinkies clear of sharp things
    - Wear your respirator even through you are only hand sanding
    - and the list goes on, and on, and on so let's all . . .

    Do the things that you already know you should do ;-)
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    Lol Glenn yesterday I had one of those moments too just as I was getting up off the ice...I knew before walking on it what I was in for....why do we try our luck (duh) at our age one would think one would have learnt by now. Duh. Its that little word.....just....just wanna do this quick....just one more
    Good post worth the reminder can see you had some wise owls visiting.

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