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Thread: It's Friday - 3/25/2016 Edition

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    It's Friday - 3/25/2016 Edition

    Almost lost track of the days, dunno how you retired guys do it, but I hope to learn for good some day. I've been on vacation all week. My son and his wife are visiting from WA and head out tomorrow and has been a great time visiting with them. We went to lunch today and took the grandson to the park to play.

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    I'm currently smoking some ribs for dinner tonight.
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    We'll have some breakfast tomorrow before they head out, then it's back to working on the bathroom and getting the yard work done.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Rainy days on Fridays get me down...

    Or something like that! Rain on and off all day, so it's been fine for a planned lazy day. Some yard work over the past couple of days have my legs and feet talking to me. Hopefully, I'll get some shop time over the weekend.
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    Two trips to the dump - food shopping.

    Spend time on the "next project".

    Nice having days off. Four year to go.

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    Not much happening on this homestead... we were going to have Sunday dinner with my son and daughter in law, but they are having company and we didn't want them to have to drag their company over the mountain... we'll go up to see them next weekend and celebrate then....

    Monday is Dianne's and my 24th anniversary. Second time around for both of us... I've now been married 3.4 times as long this time as the first time and Dianne has one year more with me than her first....
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    Today was an easy day. Visited with my sister and her husband and had a nice lunch of tamales with them. Nothing wrong with tamales no matter what day it is. Tomorrow will turning some red oak and pecan pieces to put in the kiln for drying. Sunday, depending on what the winds really do has a lot to do with it. If they are mild I will be smoking a nice turkey breast on some pecan and mesquite. If they are too high, I will have to cook it in the oven. Probably in the oven going by the forecasts. But that can change real quick. So time will tell on that. If all else fails, everyone have a nice and safe Easter no matter the pursuits.

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    SPRING BREAK BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And, I made it through the school cuts. 40% staff reduction in our corporation this year. I feel guilty at times for still having a job.
    Meeting with Jim and Mida soon to pick up the sander as well as sit and catch up with them.
    Otherwise, find out if each pony really knows how to drive. We have purchased three mini donkeys that are to young to drive or ride at this point. Two Shetland ponies that are supposed to be broke to ride and drive, we know they ride as CJ is enjoying them. We also purchased a hackney mare that is a little flighty but she has a surprise inside for the grandkids. Have to start on stalls with doors so the grands can get their ponies out at will. Let's see, the pony barn started out with the girl's ponies back in '92, then we tore out the stalls to make room for the farrowing crates. Then we tore them out when the girls left home and put in pens for feeder pigs. We are coming full circle!!!!
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    Picked up an 8x12 shed kit from the Orange Borg and the materials needed to finish it. I'm using up way too much space in my 'shop' for just storing some sheet goods and a minimal amount of wood.

    So I figured get a little shed right outside the shop where I can move that stuff and free up room for finishing some projects. So that's what I'm going to work on.

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    did the lumber run today. out the door at 7:15 am, back home after 217 mile round trip at 4:30 pm. short break to eat, and just finished measuring (3-10" x 80-102" 72 boards all told) around 9:45 pm. long day. still have to plug it all into my cut list program, and see what shakes.
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    [QUOTE=Darren Wright;449241]Almost lost track of the days, dunno how you retired guys do it,

    easy, we look here and these threads remind us what day of the week it is.

    my biggest decision this weekend will be whether I want to chicken or turkey on my salad.

    I haven't had any success trying to diet the past few months, a reason Im not driving next month like I wanted to.
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    go with the chicken allen, more turkey for me...
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