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Thread: Rough Turning Kyle's Cherrywood

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    Rough Turning Kyle's Cherrywood

    Finally Kyle's schedules and mine finally worked out, and I had the pleasure of helping Kyle turn one of his cherry bowl blanks that we made a few weeks ago.

    I took some snaps of him turning.

    Doing a good job of roughing without getting all beat up by the wood.

    Now working on the tenon.

    Working on the inside

    Getting there.

    A short video.

    I think Kyle had a good time.

    I have the blank now in the alcohol bath, I hope in a week or so that we can return to the blank and finish turn it.

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    You and Kyle make a great team. From the look of satisfaction at the end, I'd say he definitely had a good time.

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    He made it look so easy. Or maybe it's the photographer.

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    Nice! Looking forward to seeing the final product.
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    I had a great time. I had not turned a bowl since 2006! My skills were limited to begin with. Shu is such an incredibly good teacher.. I did not have a single"catch". That is a result of Stu's guidance. It was a really great afternoon. I look forward to phase 2. Again, Thank you Stu.

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