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Thread: Another Teleidoscope

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    Another Teleidoscope

    This is another teleidoscope I made up for the up coming art show... this one is turned from a Spalted KOA board I had. I cut the board into 3" strips, ran them through my joiner and glued up a block... I found a source for some proper lens for my teleidoscope on ETSY... this one came out of China and is very clear... makes for a great teleidoscope.... this is the results.

    It's on a borrowed stand from the other teleidoscope... I still have to make a stand for this one... I have a piece of the KOA board left over, so I'll make it from that later this week.... tomorrow is bath and grooming day for the dog, so I'll loose have the day or more with that and Wednesday we have guests coming over so that day is lost. I have some edging I need to put around some of the beds in the yard, so will probably loose Thursday too...

    Any way, take a look and tell me what you think. I didn't get any pictures through the view on this one, but I like it better than the marble.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks good from here, Chuck. That's some pretty wood, too.
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    Very beautiful.
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    You are doing all the good, Chuck! That's downright neat looking. The wood color is really good.

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