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Thread: outdoor poly or lacquer water based for spraying

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    outdoor poly or lacquer water based for spraying

    is there or can someone recommend to me, are there any polys or lacquers water based made for outdoor furniture.
    UV protection as well as water resistant?
    and if reco a brand, please let me know what size nozzle I should be using to spray it.

    don't make fun of me, I know very little about spraying chemicals.
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    Target Coatings now has an exterior Waterborne poly. I've never used it, though.

    Ask any boat person, though - there is NO exterior wood finish that will hole up to the weather over time. Anything you apply will need to be removed (or heavily sanded) and reapplied at least annually, and most likely more often than that.

    One more point: If you're talking about that pressure treated table you just built, leave it unfinished for at least six months before you apply ANY finish to it. That's what the pressure-treaters themselves recommend.
    Jim D.
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    thanx, I wont touch this table for a bit, but I might be building some Adirondack chairs, not sure in white oak or cedar.
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    The General Finishes High Performance gets good reviews. I've used use it (recently, no long term experience) and it goes on very nicely, I sprayed it with a 1.8mm nozzle on a Fuji HVLP setup. Like Jim said, anything you use will need maintenance eventually but some of the better products go a long while. I've read several articles and opinions about the GF Exterior 450, though I've never tried it. That's the finish that will likely be on my next outdoor piece.
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    I used to be a boat guy - back in the 70's - wooden boats.

    One thing about "marine" finishes is that they are designed to be flexible. There is a lot of expansion and contraction to contend with. Spar varnish is designed with that in mind. Also, there is the salt atmosphere, at least in the salty marine areas like salt water oceans.

    Exterior is different. There are different demands.

    Poly is not an exterior finish.

    I don't know anything about exterior finishes except maybe a little about paint, so I cannot help.

    No reason to poking fun - it's a ligit question. I don't know either, but I would like to know.

    If I really wanted to know I would do a few things.

    1) Go to a Sherwin Williams store and ask
    2) Go to a Ben Moore store and ask.
    Both of those places have access to technical experts that CAN answer the question
    3) Log onto the product website and look up the technical information.

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    Allen a few years ago Fine woodworking did an outdoor torture test on finishes.

    As I recall a brand by the name of Epifanes came our tops.

    Here is dug out the links for you to review for yourself ..

    Hope this helps with when u need it.

    Now why can I remember that but not what I had for breakfast yesterday lol.

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    I used to buy epifanes at the boatyard near my house. they closed/sold the land and are building condos that are going to start in the half million range and up.
    Id rather the boatyard be there.
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