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Thread: Something for Steve Ash

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    Something for Steve Ash

    I drove by this place the other day and just had to go back with my camara.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Don for thinking of me and my addiction. As rusty as that old unstyled John Deere appears to be is a diamond in the rough. I found one just like it near where I "white tail" deer hunt sitting all abandoned by an old barn that is falling down, obviously an old farm that the inhabitants left years ago. I'd sure like to bring it home and restore it.
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    This reminds me... In Whitby, Ontario (East of Toronto) there is a place that has a whole row of old tractors. But instead of fixing them up, this guy mounted them ... They're mounted on top of the fence that lines his country driveway.

    It's quite the sight.

    (I don't live nearby, so I can't snap a photo. My F-I-law is there, but I dunno when I'll next get up there. )


    I just checked, and I see that Mack Cameron is a member here. He lives in Brooklin, which is a small town just north of Whitby. Hey, Mack, if you read this, take a drive down Thickson road sometime and you'll see them. South of Hwy 7, and North of that Ostrich farm.
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