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Thread: yayyy!! the shop is open finally!!

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    yayyy!! the shop is open finally!!

    after 8 months of waiting (see minnesota climate), the weather cooperating, having the time off, and my brother taking his car back home, the shop is back in service! i decided to cut all of the top parts for the majority of the large flat surfaces (and that the wood was at the top of the pile), finish cutting the soup stirrer, and cut all of the parts for the signs today. i think i will be cutting the parts for the cutting boards, cheese boards, and more of the easy to cut furniture parts. hopefully i can get all of the easier parts cut by the end of saturday. then, back to work....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 001 top stock ready for cutting.jpg   001a.jpg   002 ready to start cutting.jpg   003 top parts rough cut.jpg  
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    It's a good thing the shop is open. With all your projects going your living room would have been crowded. Love all the progression photos.

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    Nice to have an operating shop.

    Now it's tome to mess it up

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    It's good to see you back in business, Dan!!!
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    Nice to see it all come together.

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