So while helping Dave out today with the House Builder plugin, I came across the Cutmap Plugin ( It's a lot like the cutlist plugin, but creates a new scene in your drawing. You then use materials (like Birch Plywood) to assign to your components, then can generate your cutlist. It creates the layouts on the new scene. It shows each material, the layouts, and percentage of material used. You can move the layout around to play with how you want to cut the components out of each sheet on this tab.
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The sheet goods tab has a place to manage common sheet good sizes, thicknesses, and type, with each you can set a price.
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That price combined with the percentage used calculates a cost column on the summary, which I thought was a nice feature.
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One thing I haven't tested is printing. I most likely will continue to use the cutlist plugin as I like the materials summary list and cut list layouts on the two different sheets, but this one has some potential.