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Thread: wall hanging triple quilt rack

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    wall hanging triple quilt rack

    I just winged it, no real plans, just looked at pictures online, and estimated, drew it out as I went along.
    And after initial clamping, I realized too many design flaws.
    the main one is that I didn't leave enough room between the quilt hangers to show off more of the quilts, Im thinking I should have made it 6 inches, instead of 2 inches.and the side walls should have had more length so I could have shaped the bottom instead of leaving it flat. live and learn, its a process for me. different once I cut things, the way I saw it in my head.
    in my defense, I was trying to fit this rack on a wall where there isn't much length since there is a tabletop underneath it.
    Instead of starting over, Im going to finish this one, worst scenario, only put 2 quilts on it.
    All cherry, will be stained and sprayed.Maybe not stained)
    all mortise and tenon joinery, some had to be fine tuned by hand.

    I will shape the walls a bit.
    I used some round and oval pieces of plastic to form a shape. Then carefully with fluid motion ran the shape thru the bandsaw to avoid a lot of stop and go cut marks.
    I then used 220 grit and really hand sanded out any bumps/blade marks on the template. Tedious, but I wanted it smooth so I can run a router bit over it without any bumps.
    heres where Im at, Im already thinking about the next 3 or 4 quilt hanger and correcting some of the design.(maybe a wider top on the back top section so I can cut some pattern/curves on it.)
    first one, worth finishing, its only 3 feet wide because again, limited wall space.Next one for back room I might go as wide as 44-48 inches.

    after shaping side walls, all pieces will be rounded over.
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    Looks like a nice solid base design anyway!

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    Good concept, Allen!
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    Elen will be proud to have you hang that on a wall so she can fill it with her own quilts. Very nice/superb workmanship which I know you won't abide by anything but that!

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    Looking forward to seeing this project (and your design) progress.
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    I don't have a single piece that I make that hasn't morphed to some extent in an effort to improve the look or function. LOML has been promised a quilt hanger for way too long. Your thread has inspired me to maybe make good this Christmas. I look forward to seeing this one complete and to seeing your alterations as well.
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    cant do any alterations on this one.
    the next one will have some design improvements, mainly it will be longer to show off more of each quilt, but length of side walls is an issue depending on where it will hang.
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    if anyone still looking here......cut out basic sidewall shape on bandsaw, I don't think Im changing out 3/8 inch blade, seems like its a do it all blade lately.
    tape up and attach template.
    what it looks like after bandsaw, what it looks like after flush bit.
    get roundover bit in, round over all edges, then get out spindle sander, then move to orbital sanding, starting at 80 grit, and hand sand all curves to make sure nice and smooth. will take me most of day now with sanding, never hurts to dry fit pieces here and there....just to make sure.
    I have to clean up, change, put the top down, and go pick up elen for lunch today. outta here in 15 minutes, wont be doing much else on project, need to cleanup tonight, yard cleanup we are going north next week till Thursday, and we are hosting a 1st birthday party here next Saturday, so a lot of other stuff to do before we leave.
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    Looking good Allen, I like the design.

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