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Thread: I painted the background on my last carving...I'd love some feedback!

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    I painted the background on my last carving...I'd love some feedback!

    I decided to paint the background...I'm not really sure if it made the carving stand out any better or not...Any feedback would be welcomed!....Toni gave me some good advice for my next carving.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1130263.jpg 
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ID:	95375Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1130265.jpg 
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ID:	95376Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1130266.jpg 
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    Looks great !!
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    I like it better I think. Definitely enhances the break between the parts and makes the figure pop out a bit more. Interesting to see the difference anyway, thanks for being brave and taking the plunge

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    I really like it! And having a piece of Toni's work (my family crest) you are getting advice from the best!!

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    Thanks Bob...I'm still not sure that I like it better?

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    Ryan...Yeah...I took a chance knowing that I could mess it up...I like to keep from covering up the wood as much as possible...But, I didn't like the way the line between the background and the hair seem to blend together...Now, It does give that definitely break line...I guess it's just a matter of taste....I got some mix reviews within my family...but over all most liked it.

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    Thanks Jonathan....I appreciate your comment...I'm fairly new to relief carving, so right now, it is a learning experience for me.

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    Add another "I like it" vote from me.
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    Thanks Vaughn...I appreciate you ringing in with your opinion.

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    another like it, it shows the depth of detail in your carving better in my eyes
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