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Thread: Just Plane Boxes

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    Just Plane Boxes

    I needed a better way of storing the planes when not in use. I did not want to leave them out in a till as they will rust with the changing temps/humidity. And, I have a new I-Box box joint jig that was simply screaming to me. So, here are the new 'when not in use' boxes for my planes, a 4, 5 and 7. Made from poplar, foam inserts with cut outs, felt liners. Sliding tongue and groove tops that when closed fit almost as good as the glued up finger joints. I can even through in some of those moisture packets to help prevent rust. Thanks for looking.

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    Great idea and nice-looking boxes, Robert. I may have to do something like that for my planes once I get my shop back up and running.
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    I really like my I-Box jig and this beats the heck out of throwing the planes in a heap in a drawer. Good idea.

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    Hmmmm. Let's see, 31 planes, 31 boxes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    Hmmmm. Let's see, 31 planes, 31 boxes...
    I'd need about 120 boxes, but if I box the spokeshaves and scrapers, too, then I'll need about 150. That'd be a lot of poplar, and a lot of shelf space!
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    Robert, those boxes are beautiful and those planes are lucky to have such fine homes. I understand the need to protect your planes from rust. But your arrangement would not work for me as I am constantly pulling different planes, chisels, etc as needed when I am working. I am sure you have seen traditional tool chests, so I wonder why that was not an option for you. Mine keeps them free from dust which is important to prevent rusting and I included a Goldenrod to help keep the dewpoint elevated in the tool chest, also helping to preventing rusting.

    One big box to make and access to all your planes and other woodworking hand tools in one place. You would be amazed how many tools I have in this one box. Plus the box is on wheels allowing me to move it around if needed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great looking Boxes Robert! I'm sure your planes will enjoy the protection!
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    Those are good looking boxes Robert. Having your planes in an enclosed box with silica gel should keep them prestine. I've seen a lot more rusted up junk than planes that have been cared for. The box joints look nice and tight, but if that jig is screaming at you , you should return it. Screaming gets annoying


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    Robert, beautiful boxes! And then the planes inside, wow! Ask 10 woodworkers the best way to store planes and you'll probably get 14 different answers. Thank you for sharing, I do not know this jig you say was screaming at you, if have a chance, a little tutorial on using it would be greatly appreciated by me.

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    Jonathan, the Incra website does a far better job than I could on explaining how the I-Box jig works. See here:

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