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Thread: It's Friday - 4/22/2016 Edition

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    It's Friday - 4/22/2016 Edition

    I'm taking SWMBO tile shopping tonight so we can get the bathroom project into the re-assembly mode. I plan to put down tile tomorrow morning, hopefully grout them on Sunday. I bought some popular the other night for making a toddler rail for the grandson's bed, so want to get it started this weekend. Other than that, yard and housework going on.

    What's on everyone else's plate this weekend?

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    Shop time this morning (Friday) to work on a fun project that has me scratching my head about how to make one small area work well.

    I'll have some shop time on Saturday, but it needs to be mostly a straightening up time!

    Sunday will our usual routine of brunch (I like to do a nice breakfast meal), settle in for the Richmond race, Bobbie will prepare shrimp gumbo for our big is good!

    All of the above subject to an increased obsession with ancestry research! More on that later.....
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    Working on a small patio and walkway in granite and brick. Need to finish mulching and I think the night time temperatures are have stabilized enough to put in the peppers and egg plant. Next in line is a new shed, 12' x 16' to free up some shop space.

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    Taking the girl to the Batman v. Superman movie tonight as the wife is out of town to see Amy Schumer in concert. Tomorrow the girl and I will get on the road early to deliver a small wholesale order to a little shop in Mt. Vernon, IA, Iron Leaf Press. I had a booth next to the owner last year and she is starting to bring in some pieces from other people. Then back home for my niece's first communion and a small party after.

    Sunday will be shop time with the girl as she is dead set on getting her own "space" in the garage to make stuff, paint and good off. The wife joked she has never had "space" in the garage for her car...the girl and I just laughed as both of us know cars don't belong in do!
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    I need to have loads of luck to get through what i have planned. Hoping to clear my work work deck enough to get my own projects moving forward. Also hope to get my shed base sorted and built.

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    Pasture fencing, yard cleanup/pruning, firewood processing, supported by barbeque and beer.
    Lawn tractor is in drydock for a few more days, so it'll be wheelbarrow and/or big gear for the heavy lifting.

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    Playing a quick 2-hour early show this evening at a local bar & grill. This'll be my first chance to try the new electronics I put in the latest addition to my Stratocaster corral.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Lace Sensor Gold pickups, for those who care.)

    LOML is out of town all weekend, and I hope to surprise her be having a bunch of stuff done around the house when she gets home. I've been busy the past several weekends doing stuff for other people, so a lot of my own projects have been delayed. I'm hoping to rectify that this weekend. First will be FINALLY getting the ceiling fan installation done in the kitchen. I started it months ago, and it got sidelined due to complications. I got those complications fixed last night (had to shorten the downrod), so all that's left is wiring it and attaching the blades. The other biggie on my list is to make a serious dent in the organization and junk reduction project in the garage. I foresee multiple dump runs and lots of toting and moving tools around.
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    Tractor work today. Mandatory class tomorrow. Day job Sunday. Gotta get a life!

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    Working on my Shed base.

    I was building a 10x12 - but now it's 10 x 20.

    If I get extra energy I will put away more firewood.

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    My wife, Marilyn, had a total knee replacement on Monday. She came home from the hospital yesterday and I've been catering to her every need quite happily I must add.
    She has been keeping me busy. No shop time for another week or so
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