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Thread: Starlight Village

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    It's been an EXTREMELY busy summer around here. I have been FULL OUT busy. Nice thing about the approaching winter is that it tends to halt the outside work and get me into the shop more. NOT there YET, but it is coming.

    Today was a bit more sunny earlier and it's about 55 degrees right now. I think we hit maybe 59.

    I LOVE this weather.

    Finally getting back to starlight village. Getting the trim on the first building. I am sooooooo behind on my schedule, because I sidetracked into some serious landscaping. Well I wanted that also.

    Anyway, here is where I am at as of today.

    I am hoping to get the trim finished today.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	shed-1.jpg 
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    Looking good, Leo. If you ever get a hankering to come out to NM and build a shed for me, let me know.
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    Great looking shed Leo. Looking forward to the next instalment.
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    Cool shed Leo.

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    I tried to do some caulking this morning, but it's just too cold - mid 40's.

    I did finish the trim, and I installed a couple of temporary doors just to keep the snow out.

    I'm afraid I will not be painting it till next year.

    It's weather tight - enough.

    I will get a couple more pics in the next week or so.

    I really need to move on to getting the fall planting finished.

    I have 2 apple trees, 2 hibiscus, ornamental grasses, lillies, and about 150 daffodils to plant.

    Getting a bit to lat in the season to get started on the siding - next year.

    I need to get the church sign done, and build some kitchen cabinets

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    Rome wasn't built in a day. You are making good progress. Looks very nice.

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    Looking good Leo, you've been a busy guy!

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    Progress is good, Leo! You've been a busy guy!!!
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