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Thread: I almost joined the Hereafter

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    I almost joined the Hereafter

    Last Sunday night 4/17 I began realizing that I was having some chest pains at about bed time. All I had been doing for several hours before was watching TV. I took a nitro pill and then 15 minutes later I took another. Then I had my wife take me to the hospital (about 3 miles away). The pain went away while I was in the waiting room, but my EKG wasn't quite right, so they kept me.

    On Monday my heart doctor (know him well) did a catheterization of my heart and added another stent to my collection. During this surgery my heart stopped beating and they had to shock it into beating again. When I came to my tongue was swollen and hurt significantly, but I wasn't sure why because I wasn't there when it happened. I believe that I bit my tongue when they shocked my heart into beating again. This is a first for me. I've never left in the middle of the surgery before. I've had considerable difficulty eating all week, but I'm doing much better now and my tongue is a normal pink color again.

    I had triple bypass and a valve repair back in Feb 2000, and this is my 4th trip back since then, each time after the 2000 trip was just for collecting additional stent hardware. I now have 6 of them. This one, and the last two, were installed through the artery in my left wrist, which is now very bruised and with a Band-Aid covering the tiny wound under my wrist watch. I was back home Wednesday, dealing with visiting relatives and friends from all over this half of the country who wanted to make sure in their own minds that I'm OK again.

    I saw my heart doctor again yesterday and he cleared me for work. I'm 74 and retired, but recently took a job with the city. I'm running the small scale C P Huntington amusement park sized train in the city park this year (one of 6 railroad workers for the park train and the soon to be complete new carousel). I've always loved trains and carousels, so this job is for fun and I don't even care if they don't pay me (please don't tell them that). I also design and build exhibits for the State Science Museums part time. I hate doing nothing, but hate watching daytime TV even more, and I've had my fill of both since all this started. I love my active retirement and I'm glad that I can keep doing it.

    Attached are pictures of the train and carousel.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCF0248.jpg   Kannapolis Carousel LoRes.jpg  
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    Very glad you chose to remain among us this time. One of my friends retired from a hectic job and became an engineer for the train at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for several years. He loved it and I bet you will enjoy your train too.

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    glad yu decided to stay around as well.. maybe someday i can get ride on your train
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    Glad you're still here. That train and those kids and others who ride it need you there. And, we need you here.

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    Quite an experience Glad you are doing OK now.
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    I've been there, and it ain't no fun at all. I am curious; did they stent the replacement arteries? I had quad bypass, and inside a year the smallest of the bypasses was blocked again. I wondered why they didn't stent it, although they said they wouldn't worry about that one if the others are OK. Take care.

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    Isn't modern medicine amazing? Glad to see it wasn't your turn to go.

    And that train looks like it'd be fun.
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    The train and carousel look like a lot of fun. The rest didn't sound like so much Glad you got in quick and hopefully it's fixed up enough to keep it rolling for a good while so you can keep enjoying the other!

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    wow - that is quite a story. Glad you made it back OK. I also love the trains, and carousels are really cool too. Glad you will get to continue to enjoy them.

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    Glad everything ended well, that train looks like giving a lot of fun and the carousel is gorgeous. One thing on my to do list is to carve a carousel horse, which I haven't done yet for lack of space to put it.
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