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Thread: It's Friday - 4/29/2016 Edition

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    It's Friday - 4/29/2016 Edition

    It will be a 4 day weekend for me. It's supposed to be a chance of rain today and tomorrow here, clearing up Sunday for our Grandson's 2nd birthday party. Other than mowing at some point, I've got to finish trim in the downstairs bath and get the rest of the hardware installed in the shower and on the walls, but it's usable for the party as is. We've got family in town the first part of next week, so not sure what is planned at this point for that. I do want to get up and work on a bed rail for the grandson's crib to turn it into a toddler bed, so may work on that.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Got my mowing done Thursday, as is my usual routine. Ttoday has been some shop time doing some tweaks on a marble game and getting materials together for some kid's room signs. After sending my daughters some name plates for their desks a few weeks ago, their kids wanted to know if I could make them signs for their rooms. How can I refuse???

    Saturday will include more shop time on the items I mentioned above. Then, maybe just some lazy time on the deck with some beverages. Our high temps are nearing 90F and I need to work on hiding my "Winter look"!

    Sunday will be the usual: I'll prepare brunch for us - bacon, eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns. Then settle in for the Talladega race. Not sure about our main meal later, but we do have some pulled pork in the freezer that I made a while back.

    Oh, and in my spare time, I've been obsessed with ancestry research!
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    going to get the dining table top boards planed, and cut to final size. then on to cutting the parts for the cutting boards. veer off from the genealogy while you can bill! its worse than the spinny zone!
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    Been sick for two weeks. Feeling better but really tired by the time we get done with evening chores. Supposed to rain tomorrow so may just lounge. Then next week get that ramp started and finished before mom and dad get home on the 9th. CJ and Ashleigh coming tonight and going home tomorrow.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    No real solid plans for the weekend. I'm hoping to do some more shuffling/space making in the garage, and the requisite yardwork that needs to happen every weekend.

    I'm also hoping to spend some time tweaking my guitar rig. Fractal Audio (the makers of my amp/effects modeler) just released another new firmware version...all the amps have been improved (yet again), so I want to do some virtual knob turning to get my sounds dialed in even better than they are now.
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    The girl is doing a mime routine with a couple friends tonight at the school talent show...should be a hoot. Tomorrow morning if not raining will be yard work and maybe some shop time. In the afternoon we are getting together with some friends at their new (to them) house and help fill their recycling bin. Sunday is my niece's first communion, although it will be a scaled down version after mass as she had the flu last weekend when the rest of her class went thru the ceremony. Off to my sister's house for cake and other celebrations after. Happy Friday everyone!
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    Day 3 of a 5 day weekend for me.

    Starlight village in on top of the agenda.

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    Working on a back yard patio, roughly ten by twenty, in granite and brick. Lot of manual labor. Got half of it dug down into some nasty clay to the requisite 8-10" depth, geotech stabilization fabric down from a roll I had laying around. Too cheap to rent a plate compactor so am hand tamping crusher run in 2" lifts. I'll pick up another load of crusher run tomorrow morning and keep at it.

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    I had to celebrate the day with a pile of good tamales. I was deprived of my tamales earlier because I spent almost all day on Thursday doing tractor mowing. Tomorrow will be turning in the shop. Sunday is my girlfriends birthday so I guess I will do things with her most of the day. Better do that, eh? Other than that, just dodging the off and on tornadoes stirring around here.

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    Nice weather in the forecast, so back at the outdoor jobs. There's some major pruning and removal to do everywhere I look. Handling the brush is the worst part, so debating renting a big chipper (vs a bunch of trips to the brush pile with truck and trailer). Last chipper I rented was a serious Vermeer with a four cylinder Diesel engine. What a beast, like having a four engine plane taking off in the backyard

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