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Thread: Oneida Air and Inventables rant......

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    Oneida Air and Inventables rant......

    I got an Oneida 1.5HP Molded Mini Gorilla DC for class to use with the bandsaw and CNC. It worked great for a couple of weeks then the motor would turn on and almost immediately shut off. Due to time restraints I couldn't call so several emails back and forth to troubleshoot a new motor is on the way.

    The second one is Inventables. The Y axis on the CNC stopped working. A few emails back and forth to troubleshoot yesterday and it was decided I had a bad board. I had a new board today around noon. They sent the new one overnight!

    Just wanted to say two great American companies!
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    Whew! Had me scared for a second. I like good rants. Glad you got such great service.

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    Bummer each had issues, but good to hear they both took care of ya.

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    i wouldn't call either of those a rant... sounds like maybe a cheers in stead.
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    Yep, two great companies that know how to treat customers.
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    John, glad to read it wasn't really a rant, more of a cheer towards two companies that appreciate their customers. Looking forward to seeing some of your students work. How has the learning curve been?
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    Really was meant to be an anti-rant Both companies have been top shelf!


    The learning curve has been as expected.... steep. The easel program on the inventables website is really simple to use. It's pretty much drag and drop. I just can't get some of them to understand what the word SIMPLE should mean!

    For their first project they are having to design SIMPLE puzzles that I plan on trying to donate. They're working with a partner and here's one that meets the simple idea.

    A lot of them come up with these really intricate designs that will have a bunch of tiny pieces.

    They are very enthusiastic, which is great! Even putting the x carves together has been a blast. Frustrating sometimes for both me and the kids, but fun!
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