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Thread: New Member with an Old Lathe

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    New Member with an Old Lathe

    new here, but ive been turning for several years

    im also an old machinery guy

    this is my 1940's Henry Tools Craftmaster lathe

    a few nice features, multiple speed jackshaft, 1hp Hoover motor, reversing switch

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Let me be the first to welcome you to the Family!

    Nice old iron you have there!

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    a fellow canadian? but in japan!!

    the lathe was made in london ontario

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    Welcome Steve !!!!!!!!!!
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    Wlcome Steve I am not a turner so I know nuthing about lathes, but that is really a cool looking lathe

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    Welcome aboard, Steve. Wow! Back when tools had style. Love the curves. And one honking motor under that bench!

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    Welcome Steve!

    That is one good looking lathe.
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    there's no sheet metal and diecast aluminum in any of my tools, the're all older than most of us

    for the lathe guys, this lathe has a 4 speed in the headstock then im driving it with a 5 speed jackshaft. to use the 8 inch pulley, i have to switch belts. takes me 15 seconds

    speed range is from 200 to 4000 plus rpm

    main power switch is the manual starter on the stand, the switch on the motor reverses the motor by changing the "polarity" of the start circuit

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    Welcome, Steve. Glad you found us. Love the way you have this cool old lathe set up.

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    Welcome aboard, Steve, from another Canadian fellow! What part of Canada?

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