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    I thought that I would introduce myself. I am just getting back into woodworking after spending way too much money and time on race cars for the last 8 years. The wife thought that with our 5th little blessing on the way that I should get back to a hobby that doesn't involve speeds of 150 MPH. I am amazed how much things have changed since I was doing this before. The biggest problem that I have run into though is that I bought a lathe and now it seems to be the only tool that I want to use. My background is commercial and residential cabinetry but I would like to get into more of the artistic side of woodworking. From what I have seen on here there are all types and styles of woodworkers sharing their experiences and knowledge instead of debating what the best designs are. My shop is just a 2 car garage that also houses enough bikes and toys to open a Toys-R-Us.

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    hi shawn!
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    Hi Shawn, welcome to the family, and congrats on the 5th edition!!

    I used to do the highspeed motorcycle thing, so I hear you on that issue

    ......and I got a lathe too, now my TS mainly is used to hold stuff while I get at the turning

    Yep, you get bit by the turning bug, and you are gonner!!

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    Welcome aboard Shawn! I think you'll like it here.
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    Hi Shawn and welcome from another garager.

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    welcome shawn and the group does have a broad list of specailties.. sum of us havnt caught your disease tho!!!
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    Welcome Shawn. Sheez, I think that "Turning Virus" has grown to Epidemic Proportions here. I think I got my "Virus" under control about 50 yrs ago, and although I have a lathe, I only drag it out when I "have to make a part" that's round. (my Virus antibodies seem to be remaining far......).

    You will have plenty of company here though doing those "Spinney" things. Just think, with all that money you will save from not building Race Cars, you'll be able to afford a "BIG" shop in no time.

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    Howdy Shawn!

    I hear there is no cure for the lathe bug.
    So far I haven't caught it but then I have always been kinda square.
    Welcome to the family!


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    Hi Shawn
    The coffee pot is on.

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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